Meet Our Officers


David Mitchell | President 

I have been brewing for about 2 1/2 years after taking an on-line brewing class. I am mostly self-taught from reading books (John Palmer, of course), magazines and blogs. I progressed from extract brewing to BIAB to all-grain and have lately been working on fermentation temperature control and experimenting with the various sparging methods. I have also been kegging for over a year and will need to add some new kegs to my inventory soon. I served last year as the Sergeant-At-Arms (secretary) for the DEA and the raffle coordinator at the Summer Sizzler Competition. My favorite brew so far is a Kolsch which I have done three times now with the latest being a 10 gallon batch - hence the need for new kegs.


Robert Larsen | Vice President 

I have been enjoying craft beers since the early 1990's! My favorite styles are Belgian Ales. I attended my first beer festival in 1994 and shortly thereafter I started brewing. Over the years I have worked to improve my process and quality. I enjoy traveling and attending different festivals and breweries to get new ideas and meet other craft beer enthusiasts. I have been a member of the DEA for two years and I have learned so much through home brew competitions as a steward and judge.


Michael Sisley | Secretary  

I began homebrewing shortly after my wife and I celebrated our 6th wedding anniversary.  Any idea what her gift to me was?  You got it! She thought I might enjoy homebrewing - occasionally.  She was right.  But my idea of occasionally was more often than her idea, it turns out.  There is a quote I vaguely remember that I saw in a homebrew forum: "Homebrewing can be a fairly simple an inexpensive process.  It is up to the wife to determine how complicated and expensive the hobby can be."  I find this to be fairly accurate in my case.  She keeps the hobby in check, but is also supportive, since she planted the seed afterall.

My first upgrade was the kettle and then a stainless steel burner.  It seems that my dad, brother and I get together every few months and brew together.  Quite an enjoyable time, I must say, so I thought I would have a picture of us (along with my nephew who happened to be with us the day the photo was taken) for my profile pic.  I have been called by others in the club "the bag boy" because I use a hop bag and I also do BIAB (brew in a bag).   Interestingly, a job I had in high school was as a bag boy, but I digress.  After about a year of doing extract kits, I began doing all-grain (AG) via BIAB.  I find the hobby enjoyable and the results also quite enjoyable.


TBA | Social Coordinator 

Looking for a social coordinator...volunteers welcome.   


Brian McVeigh | Treasurer 

I have been with the Down East Alers for over 4 years. I have been brewing for approximately 9 years and started after my younger brother brewed his first batch. I switched to all grain after my first extract brew. I have built an all electric indoor 1/2 barrel brewing system in a shed in my backyard. I even figured out how to run underground 220 volt electricity from my house to the shed. (Thanks Youtube!) My favorite style is IPA with Belgians as a close second. I am trying to branch out from my usual brews and try out some unfamiliar styles. I have entered a few competitions and have won a blue ribbon for my session IPA, and got a third place in the regional AHA National Homebrew Competition in 2016 for my Sweet Stout.


GVA DEA Bio Pic.jpg

Grant Anderson | Member at Large

I began home-brewing with extract kits many years ago but succumbed to young kids and life’s demands.  My interest was re-kindled by my younger brother, who was brewing all-grain back in upstate NY.  I assembled the necessary equipment just over a year ago and am closing in on my 20th 5 gallon batch.  I have built my own keezer,  fermentation chamber and stir plate, and love tinkering to (hopefully) improve the finished product.  My first love are IPAs (and better yet double IPAs)!  However, I’m also branching out to other ales, ESBs, porters and stouts.  My first two entries in a sanctioned competition yielded two ribbons – I look forward to more entries (and hopefully more ribbons) in the future!

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Mary Yaeger | Webmaster 

I have been with the DEA for close to 3 years now. I first got into brewing through my boyfriend who was making wine when we first met. I am not a big wine drinker so I convinced him (it didn't take much convincing) to try brewing beer. We have been in love with brewing ever since! For Devin's graduation, my dad built him a keezer which we keep fully stocked in our living room. We believe in good company and great beer!  


Our recent endeavors include an oatmeal stout, dunkel and hefeweizen. While I would consider myself a "hop head", my true loves are porters and stouts.